<p>Bible Study Electives<br />
Wednesdays, 6:30&ndash;8:00 PM<br />
September 11&ndash;November 20<br />
<em>Newcomers welcome!</em></p>
Bible Study Electives
Wednesdays, 6:30–8:00 PM
September 11–November 20
Newcomers welcome!

Elective Courses

Wednesdays, 6:30–8:00 PM
September 11 – November 20 (unless otherwise noted)

Our Bible study electives give you the opportunity to dig deeper into God's Word. Whether you're a new believer, a longtime follower of Christ, or just curious to learn more, check out the courses below and join us!

Elective courses begin promptly at 6:30 PM after Fellowship Dinner in the Crown Room and run during the same time as Student Ministry and Awana activities, so it's easy to make it a family night!

Walk-ins are welcome! Please register in your first class.

A Biblical Look at Roman Catholicism
Crown Room  | Senior Pastor, Dr. John H. Munro
This class will examine the official teaching of Roman Catholicism in the light of Holy Scripture. Topics will include authority and tradition, the church and the priesthood, the papacy, Mary, the sacraments, the way of salvation, and purgatory.

Proverbs: Fool-Proofing Your Mind, Life, & Family
Room 401 | Pastor Rodney Navey & Marc Martens
God communicates what wisdom is and how we can attain it through the Spirit-breathed book of Proverbs. Proverbs is replete with practical wisdom for everyday living, covering virtually every area of life — our children/family, our finances, our work, our relationships. Join us as we uncover King Solomon's unique, God-given perspective and guidance in an effort to grow in godliness and wise living.

Keys to Godly Stepfamilies
Room 402 | Pastor Jim Pile
Stepfamilies are unique! Couples who enter marriage with children discover that blending two families comes with unique rewards, as well as unique challenges. God’s Word offers clear biblical principles to grow and strengthen these family relationships. Join us as we seek to better equip couples who desire to honor God in their stepfamilies. 

Financial Peace University
Room 242 | Rhondale & Deborah Haywood
What does God’s Word say about money? This course incorporates Dave Ramsey’s biblically-based DVD curriculum with small group discussions for personal application and accountability. Registration is $109 per couple or individual and includes a kit containing: a workbook, audio library, book, lifetime membership, and more. Register before the first class to get course material before our first meeting!

Creation: A Journey to the Beginning of Time, Part 2
Banquet Room Dr. John Trent
Have you ever questioned the seemingly conflicting information about God's creation in the biblical account versus what scientists teach? Have you considered the sights and sounds that accompanied God’s creative acts? Bring your Bible and join us as we explore God’s six days of creation and His redemptive plan for humankind. Scientific demonstrations will supplement our study. The first class will review the major concepts covered in Part 1 of this elective, which was offered last spring. 

Teaching & Leading Others (Men)
Room 222 | Bill Bailey
This hands-on class will equip men to lead a small-group Bible study, pray with others, give a compelling personal testimony, and prepare and deliver short devotionals and longer Bible lessons. Participants will be given opportunities to practice what they learn and receive constructive feedback, thereby gaining experience and confidence in obeying God’s command to “go and make disciples.” 

Big Picture Bible Overview
Room 226 | Pastor Nathaniel Pearce & Doug Goforth
The Old Testament provides a Spirit-guided list of historical events and interactions, all ultimately connected with each other, the New Testament, and the Gospel of Christ. It is important to understand how these people and events fit together across time and the unfolding of Scripture. Join us for this excursion through the Old Testament and understand it like never before. 

Overcomer (Women)
Room 231 | Annie Isaac
Believers struggle with sin and various life challenges that often leave us with a sense of defeat and bewilderment. In such cases, we long to experience the victory of Christ and to become overcomers. In this video-based study of Ephesians 6, Dr. Jeremiah explores practical ways of using the Armor of God to confront our challenges with anxiety, confusion, fear, regret, and temptation. Join “Overcomer” and experience renewed strength and hope in your walk with Christ. 

Paul's Letters to the Corinthian Church
Room 233 | Pastor Rob Reece
It is hard to imagine that in less than 30 years after the death of Christ, a church founded by the Apostle Paul is mired in so much controversy.  As we study these amazing letters, we will uncover Paul’s rich theology as he deals with serious issues within the church of Corinth. These letters give us warning, instruction, and hope as we consider applications for our lives today. 

God-Honoring Career Quest
Room 237 | Manoj Kothuri
The current or future career becomes a concern to everyone at some point in one’s lifetime. However, how does the Bible speak to our preparation for, the pursuit of, and the use of our careers? Students, active job-seekers, and the employed are invited to this interactive class that will explore biblical foundations for finding the career of God’s choosing and how to live our faith in the marketplace of the world. 


The Joy and Art of Seed Sowing
Room 238 | Pastors Jim Cashwell & Sibu Rajappan
Is the Gospel merely a one-way ticket to heaven? Is the Gospel extraneous for our lives today? Are you lost when it comes to sowing the seed of the Gospel? In this class, we will discuss the multifaceted, transformational power of the Gospel and learn the art of sowing the seed of the Gospel effectively and joyfully. 
Doctrines of Man and Sin
Room 240 | Sam Speights & Adam Priestley
Understanding what the Bible teaches about man and sin will guide one’s belief about who we are, how we came into existence, God’s purpose for mankind, how sin entered our world, why we suffer, the effects of sin, and man’s destiny without Christ. Join us for this interactive study of these two important doctrines, so we may grow in our knowledge of God’s Word and be better equipped for kingdom service. 
Spanish Bible Study – Old Testament
Room 227 | Bill Ogden

Just before entering the Promised Land, Moses calls Israel together to remind them of their commitment to obey the laws of Jehovah. Deuteronomy could be called “Pause to Remember” because it recalls God’s faithfulness and Israel’s rebellion in Egypt and the Wilderness just before they enter the Promised Land. This study will look at those things Moses and his God thought important enough to keep before the minds of Israel and us today.  

Justo antes de entrar a la Tierra Prometida, Moisés reúne a Israel para recordarles su compromiso de obedecer las leyes de Jehová. Deuteronomio podría llamarse "pausa para recordar" porque nos recuerda la fidelidad de Dios y la rebelión de Israel en Egipto y el desierto, justo antes de ingresar a la Tierra Prometida. Este estudio analizará las cosas que Moisés y su Dios consideraron lo suficientemente importantes para mantenerlas en la mente de Israel y la de nosotros hoy. 

Wednesday Evening Prayer
Prayer Room (3rd Floor) | Paul Hundrieser
Gather with us to pray for our church, our community, our nation, and our world. We meet continually throughout the year. 

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