<p>Children&#39;s Bible Clubs<br />
Awana &amp; Gopher Buddies<br />
Wednesdays, 6:30&ndash;8:00 PM</p>
Children's Bible Clubs
Awana & Gopher Buddies
Wednesdays, 6:30–8:00 PM

Children's Bible Clubs

Awana & Gopher Buddies

Wednesdays, 6:30–8:00 PM | Clubs begin September 8

Thank you for your interest in our Children's Bible Clubs! The Gopher Buddies, Sparks, and T&T clubs now have a waitlist. As we get more volunteer leaders, we'll expand our clubs and call the folks on the waitlists to join us. Feel free to join the waitlist!

Children's Bible Clubs — Awana & Gopher Buddies — are fun-filled programs for children age 3 through 5th grade. We also offer C–Track for students in grades 6–12 and adults. In these programs, kids develop life-long Bible knowledge, memorize Scripture verses, and learn to apply God's truth to their lives.

Club meetings are on Wednesday evenings during the school year (September 8 – May 11). Bible clubs are not drop-off events. Parents must remain on campus during clubs. Please check out one of our Bible Study Electives or consider volunteering with a club. Thank you!

The cost for Awana and Gopher Buddies is $65 per child per year, covering uniforms, workbooks, and awards. The cost for C–Track is $35. Financial assistance is available; please see the details below.

Gopher Buddies  |  Ages 3, 4 & TK 

Young children enjoy games and activities while beginning to learn and memorize Scripture. We encourage preschoolers to have daily devotions at home with their families. Children must be 3-years-old by August 31 and be fully potty-trained. Clubs meet at 6:30–8:00 PM. Drop-off and pick-up at the room assigned on the security tag you receive at kiosk check-in.


Awana Sparks  |  K–2nd Grade
Awana T&T  |  3rd–5th Grade

Awana is an international Bible club ministry that focuses on teaching children the Word of God. Weekly Scripture memory, Bible-centered lessons, games, and awards for "a job well done" are key to Awana's goal of making Christians "Approved Workmen that Are Not Ashamed" (2 Timothy 2:15). Clubs meet at 6:30–8:00 PM. Please sign in each week at the kiosks.

Sparks: Drop-off at Room 300 // Pick-up at the Chapel
T&T: Drop-off at the CLC Gym // Pick-up at Classrooms on 3rd floor



Awana C–Track  |  6th–12th Grades & Adults

C–Track students recite their verses to various mentors on Wednesday evenings as they pursue their Citation Award and the Awana college scholarship program. The meeting time is 5:45–6:25 PM in the Galleria. This program is also available for adults who wish to pursue the challenge!

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Childcare for babies and toddlers up to age 3 is offered on Wednesday evenings from 6:30–8:00 PM for parents participating in Bible Study electives, volunteering with Awana, or involved in Worship. Parents must remain on campus. There is a ONE-time registration required for the 2021–22 school year to help us better serve you.

Wednesday Nursery


Families that need assistance should register each child using the Financial Assistance registration to be considered for approval.

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We need adults age 18+ to serve in a variety of roles! When you register as a volunteer, you'll choose a club and select a training session. Please consider joining our team!

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Bible Club Contacts:
Jennifer Groseclose, 704.341.5349, jgroseclose@calvarychurch.com
Sue Ridge, 704.887.3695, sridge@calvarychurch.com
Craig & Kim Mears, ckmears93@gmail.com