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Find out what we&#39;re studying on Sundays!</p>
Current Series
Find out what we're studying on Sundays!

Current Series

"We strongly believe when the Bible speaks, God speaks."
At Calvary, we are committed to reading, studying, preaching, teaching, and obeying the inspired Word of God.
Presented by Senior Pastor John Munro, the exposition of Scripture is the foundation of our worship. To allow for a more comprehensive study and a deeper understanding, Pastor Munro often preaches in series form — with an in-depth approach by book or topic.
This fall, Pastor Munro continues his ongoing series in The Gospel of Matthew.
Watch or listen to messages in this series in our Media Library — as well as the recent six-week focus on Jesus' Teaching on Marriage and Gender. Additionally, you'll find With Wings Like Eagles, Romans, The Life of David, The Life of Moses, Back to the Basics, Revelation, and many other series online. Series CD sets are available for purchase from the Word Room bookstore.
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    The Gospel of Matthew
    Sundays at 9:45 AM

    Our current Sunday message series with Pastor Munro

    Who is Jesus? 

    This is the most important question that anyone can ever ask. Jesus is the central figure of all human history and of eternity. He is the King and the only One who can forgive our sins.

    The Gospel of Matthew helps us understand who Jesus is. He is the long-promised Messiah of the Old Testament and our unique sinless Savior, who conquers sin, Satan, and death and reigns eternally as King of kings.

    Do you know this Jesus?

    Join us on Sunday mornings for this powerful series from Pastor John Munro. Come and invite others!

    Miss a message in the series? Want to replay or share? Visit our message library —


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    Jesus on Marriage & Gender

    So many people base their decisions about love and marriage and identity on what they hear from our culture.

    But Jesus calls us as His followers to be counter-cultural. Our lives are not to be based on the surrounding culture, or our individual experiences or feelings, but on God’s eternal Word. 

    Pastor John Munro recently preached a six-message series on "Jesus' Teaching on Marriage and Gender" from Matthew 19. Topics include:

    • Jesus and Marriage 
    • Jesus and Divorce
    • Jesus and the Gay Debate
    • Jesus and LGBTQ
    • Jesus and Transgenderism
    • Jesus and a Fresh Start

    Want to replay or share? Visit our message library —


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    Discover "The Verdict"
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    Welcome to "The Verdict" with Pastor John Munro!

    Pastor Munro invites you to study the Bible during our daily 25-minute broadcast. He offers clear, insightful teaching that will challenge you for a personal response: "What's your verdict?"

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    Current Teaching Series: John is back in the Book of Romans as we explore Paul's final Chapters 12-16, and "The Transformation of the Gospel."

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    Visited Pastor Munro's blog?
    Check it out at johnhmunro.com

    Have you visited Pastor Munro's blog, The Verdict, lately?  Check out his regular posts related to current study or timely topics!


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    “I give you this charge: Preach the Word” (2 Timothy 4:1–2).


    My calling and passion in life are to glorify God through the exposition of Holy Scripture. From the time God called me to pastoral ministry from practicing law, I knew I was going to serve as a local pastor and preach.


    I realize that many people like to hear inspirational speakers promising “the best life now” or offering pragmatic techniques to make life more comfortable. But I believe the Bible is the inspired, inerrant Word of God and therefore relevant and sufficient for every spiritual need.

    JohnHMunro.com: Why have a blog?

    With today’s technology, we have more opportunities than ever before to preach the Word and share the Gospel with an incredible reach. The Verdict (my blog at johnhmunro.com) is offered as an online extension of ministry and an additional resource for those interested in or curious about the exposition of Scripture and commentary on contemporary issues based on biblical principles.


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    To God be the glory.


    Welcome to The Verdict!





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    Next Steps in Following Jesus
    10–Day Plan by Dr. Munro
    on YouVersion Bible App

    10-Day Plan Now Available on the YouVersion Bible App

    A new devotional reading plan by Pastor Munro, Next Steps in Following Jesus, is now available on the YouVersion Bible app! Pastor Munro challenges new or longtime believers to continue to grow in their journey as a follower of Christ, highlighting a different Bible passage each day.

    "Next Steps" is Pastor Munro's second plan for the app, following Turning off the Noise, a 7-day plan.

    To check it out, download the free YouVersion Bible app at iTunes or Google Play or see it online at Bible.com.  Within the app, choose "Plans" and then search for "next steps" or "munro" to find the plan — then "Start Plan" to begin reading!

    First released in 2008, YouVersion is one of the most popular Bible mobile apps, providing the text of the Bible on more than 240 million mobile devices around the world.
    In addition to providing the text of the Bible in 1000+ languages, the YouVersion app provides a library of Bible reading plans and devotionals to encourage mobile users to engage directly with God's Word.