Worship Service Translation

Our Sunday morning worship service is translated live into Spanish, Russian and Chinese [new!]

Live translation is provided via headset (Spanish or Russian) or smartphone app (Spanish, Russian, or Chinese). Come to the first balcony to get started this Sunday.
Live translation may also be offered during special holiday services throughout the year. See specific service details for more information.
For Spanish/Russian via audio headset:
1) Come to the first balcony landing where there will be check-in stations for each language.
2) Pick up your headset, and turn on as directed.
3) Return the headset after the service.

For Spanish/Russian/Chinese via smartphone app:

To get started: (Español) (русский) (中文)
  1. Use the links above to download the free ListenWiFi app to your smartphone. (If you are using an iPhone you may need your  iTunes username and password to download).
  2. If you do not have internet access on your smartphone, you can use “Calvary Church Guest” Wi-Fi to download the app when you get to Calvary.
  3. Once the app is installed and you arrive at Calvary, go to Settings on your phone and connect to “Personal Listening” Wi-Fi. Close Settings.
  4. Open the ListenWiFi app on your phone. You will see “Searching for Personal Listening service” onscreen. If it is not able to connect, click "Try Again." For more help, please see one of the ushers at the translation table.
  5. Wait until ListenWiFi app connects. After the connection, the app will take you to the screen where the translation languages are listed.
  6. Choose your language and worship the Lord in your own language.  
  7. (Optional) Pick up a headset at the app check-in table if you don't have earphones or earbuds with you.