<p>A Place of Hope<br />
August 5&ndash;12&nbsp; |&nbsp; Shelter, meals &amp; hospitality<br />
Pray for &amp; welcome our guests this week!</p>
A Place of Hope
August 5–12  |  Shelter, meals & hospitality
Pray for & welcome our guests this week!

A Place of Hope: Shelter, meals & hospitality

A Place of Hope
Monday–Monday, August 5–12

Calvary Life Center

In partnership with area churches and the Salvation Army, Calvary will be providing meals and shelter for 10 homeless women from August 5–12 (Monday–Monday), offering "a place of hope" during a time of need.

Each morning, we will provide transport from the Calvary CLC to the Salvation Army center Uptown so the group can participate in their day program. Each afternoon, we will bring the group from the Salvation Army center to our CLC for dinner, an evening activity, and an overnight stay in our “guest rooms.”

8/2 Update: Thanks to everyone who has so generously donated supplies or signed up for a volunteer role! All of our primary needs (for supplies and individual support) have been filled and we have evening host groups identified. What an incredible blessing!

What can you still do to help?

  • PRAY! Ask for the Lord's blessing on our guests and pray for a powerful and impactful week.
  • Help us welcome this special group once they arrive!
  • Consider coming to our Movie Night on Friday, August 10 (details to come) --everyone is invited as we spend time with our guests!

Contact: Pastor Sibu Rajappan, 704.341.5336, srajappan@calvarychurch.com 

Click here for full details on our "A Place of Hope" program.