<p>Luke 14 Banquets<br />
December 8 &amp; 11<br />
<em>Thanks to all our volunteers who served &amp; participated!</em></p>
Luke 14 Banquets
December 8 & 11
Thanks to all our volunteers who served & participated!

How You Can Help at Luke 14

12/12 Update: Many thanks to everyone who served at or contributed a gift for our Luke 14 Banquets this year!  Between the two events, we were able to welcome almost 600 guests, family members and caregivers. Please continue to pray for all these friends and the seeds planted! 

  • Contribute gifts: Make someone's day by preparing a gift just for them! This opportunity is FULL, thank you!
  • Greeters:  Say hello to folks coming in! — This opportunity is FULL, thank you!
  • Table Hosts:  Have dinner with some new friends! — This opportunity is FULL, thank you!

Event Times
Family Banquet  |  Saturday, December 8, 5:30–8:00 PM
Group Luncheon  |  Tuesday, December 11, 11:30–1:30 PM

Pre-Event Volunteer Training: 
Saturday, December 8 at 4:00 PM, Crown Room
Tuesday, December 11 at 10:00 AM, Crown Room
Contact: Vince Eaton, 704.341.5322, veaton@calvarychurch.com