<p>Serve at Luke 14 Banquets<br />
December 10 &amp; 13<br />
<em>Be a host, greeter, or bring a gift</em></p>
Serve at Luke 14 Banquets
December 10 & 13
Be a host, greeter, or bring a gift

You can help at Luke 14

  • Contribute Gifts: Make someone's day by preparing a gift just for them!  
  • Greeters:  Say hello to folks coming in!  
  • Table Hosts:  Have dinner with some new friends!  

Luke 14 Gifts
Calvary provides a gift for every guest and caregiver who attends our Luke 14 Banquets for the Special Needs community. This year, we need about 700 gifts!

Please bring a NEW gift ($20 retail value) in a decorative gift bag to the collection racks along the Galleria concourses by Sunday, December 4. Staple a card onto the gift bag noting the intended recipient’s AGE & GENDER. No used items, please!

Gifts for adults are needed most — $20 gift cards to restaurants, Target, or Walmart are always appreciated.

Get Luke 14 gift suggestions HERE.

Greeters, Table Hosts, & Servers
Volunteer as a greeter, table host, or work with Food Service at a Luke 14 event.


Pre-Event Volunteer Training 
Saturday, December 10 at 4:00 PM, Crown Room
Tuesday, December 13 at 10:00 AM, Crown Room

Contact: Vince Eaton, 704.341.5322, veaton@calvarychurch.com