<p>HOME Ministry<br />
Adoption, Fostering &amp; Orphan Care</p>

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HOME Ministry
Adoption, Fostering & Orphan Care


HOME Ministry

Calvary HOME Ministry seeks to obey God’s Word by ministering to fatherless, orphaned, and vulnerable children (James 1:27).
Our ministry focus areas are:
  • Awareness and training
  • Support for adoptive and foster families
  • Direct support for children in need
  • Prayer

If you would like to help or are considering adopting or fostering a child, please contact our coordinators below. We would love the opportunity to be a resource for you!

Financial Assistance
Calvary has established an Adoption Assistance Fund to provide financial aid to qualified Calvary members who apply during their adoption process. To request an application, contact Sandy O'Donovan at 704.341.5323 or sodonovan@calvarychurch.com. Questions should be forwarded to Mike Malone at 574.607.1619 or mmal1.ipad@gmail.com.

Contacts: Pastor Rodney Navey, rnavey@calvarychurch.com or Sandy O'Donovan, 704.341.5323, sodonovan@calvarychurch.com