<p>Renovation Updates<br />
Entrance 2 is closed<br />
<em>Entrance 1 has&nbsp;reopened!</em></p>
Renovation Updates
Entrance 2 is closed
Entrance 1 has reopened!

Renovation Updates

Our renovation projects are now underway! 

Family Welcome Desk Area — CLOSED on weekdays

The area around the Family Welcome Desk (near the elevators) is now under renovation. Please be cautious around the movable partitions in this area.

Entrance 2 — Employee Entrance & Hallway CLOSED

The employee building entrance and hallway are closed on weekdays and weekends as renovation continues in this area.

Chapel — Entrance Closed

The renovation of the Chapel is underway, so the exterior entrance from the parking lot into the Chapel hallway will be closed on weekdays and Sundays. Please plan and park accordingly.

Calvary Life Center Corridor

During the renovation of the Chapel and the mini gym areas, the corridor connecting the Galleria and the CLC will be closed on weekdays. The corridor will reopen for use on SUNDAYS.

Our plans include new paint, floor tile, carpet, seating, ADA access, lighting upgrades, and updated finishes to enhance our facility. Thank you for your prayers and patience through the renovation!

We look forward to using these beautifully updated areas soon!