<p>Middle School Family Connection<br />
<em>Our Bible focus for March 3</em></p>
Middle School Family Connection
Our Bible focus for March 3

Middle School Family Connection

Family Connection is where we share the lesson summary that corresponds with our Middle School Ministry Wednesday night Bible teaching each week. Follow along at home for personal study and discussion time in your family devotions. We post a new lesson every Thursday.

Study focus for March 3
Scripture:  Acts 8:26-40

Session Summary:

While the eunuch was sitting in his chariot, he was reading the prophet Isaiah, but he struggled to understand its meaning. God was already at work before Philip came to the chariot—the Lord was softening the heart of this eunuch through His Word even as He was sending Philip to speak the Gospel to him. When we obey God’s command to evangelize, we will discover that God has already arranged the circumstances. The results aren’t up to us—but the choice to obey is. God is at work. Therefore, we should move with urgency to share the Gospel.

Conversation Questions: 

  • Why is it okay to not understand everything we read in Scripture? How should we respond to something in the Bible
    that we don’t know?

  • How can we help our friends and family know more about Jesus?

  • What is the difference between immediate and delayed obedience?

  • Why does it take pressure off us to share the Gospel knowing that God is the only one who brings about salvation?

Family Challenge:

There might not be a eunuch sitting in a chariot waiting for you to share the Gospel, but there are people everywhere that need to hear the Gospel of Jesus. In the space below, write down the names of three people who need to know Jesus personally. Pray over those names and ask God to give you boldness like Philip to share the Gospel this week.

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