<p>Invite a Friend for Christmas<br />
Event Images for Download</p>
Invite a Friend for Christmas
Event Images for Download

Invite others to Christmas at Calvary

Would you like to invite someone to a Christmas event at Calvary via email? Or share details with your friends on social media? We've created these graphics just for you!

How to download:
1) Click on the image link to open the image.
2) (For computer users) Right-click on the image and choose "Save picture as" to download to your computer.
2) (For smartphone users) Touch image for 1-2 seconds and choose "Save image" to download to your pictures.

Christmas Concert

"Light of the World"
Email/social media box with brief details: 179 KB (1280x720)
Instagram square: 774 KB (1080 x 1080)
PDF of invitation card with full details: 526 KB

Christmas Eve

"Candlelight Christmas Eve" 
Email/social media box with brief details: 541 KB (1280x720)
​​​​​​​PDF of invitation card with full details: 1.69 KB

Other Ways You Can Invite

  • Tag friends and family in one of Calvary's social posts or simply share the post.
  • Share the Calvary Facebook event or create your own and invite a group.
  • Go live on Facebook, Instagram or another platform to invite viewers who join your stream.
  • On the Nextdoor neighborhood network? Post concert information and a personal invitation.
  • Sending Christmas cards? Include a personal invitation.
  • Have long distance relatives or friends? Send the livestream info!

Questions or have another idea to share? Email us at media@calvarychurch.com.