<p>High School Family Connection<br />
<em>Our Bible focus Nov 19&ndash;Dec 2</em><br />
High School Family Connection
Our Bible focus Nov 19–Dec 2

High School Family Connection

Welcome families! This is where we share the lesson summary that corresponds with our High School Ministry Wednesday night Bible teaching each week. Follow along at home for personal study and discussion time with your family devotions. We post a new lesson every Thursday.

Study focus for December 2
Scripture:  John 20:19–29

Session Summary:
We see Jesus’ disciples hunkered down with locked doors because they feared that the Jewish leaders. However, neither the grave clothes nor the locked door was an obstacle to Jesus. He simply appeared in their midst. Jesus offered them peace and gave them their mission through the power of the Holy Spirit. Because Thomas wasn’t present, He doubted that Jesus was truly alive and declared He would need to touch Jesus’ scars to believe. Jesus graciously met Thomas in his unbelief and offered up the proof for the truth of the resurrection. Questioning is not an assault on the truth but instead a helpful exercise that, for Thomas, resulted in deep faith.

Conversation Questions: 

  • In what ways has Jesus given us peace in past difficult situations?

  • How is our family living "on mission" for God?

  • What are some ways we have doubted God in the past?

  • Why is it okay to share our doubts with Jesus?

Family Challenge: Read off the following five news headlines and let your family guess if they are real or not. (Answer: They’re all real!) Discuss why they may have doubted that some of the headlines were real then talk about some things that may be easy to doubt about God. Share that even though there are things about God that are hard to believe it doesn’t mean they aren’t true.

1.  Aspen Man Hires Stuffed Owl As His Defense Attorney
2. Robber Wears Underwear On Head During Idaho Burglary
3. Cows Lose Their Jobs As Milk Prices Drop
4. Breathing Oxygen Linked to Staying Alive
5. Man Offers $25,000 to Anyone Who Can Find Him A Girlfriend

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