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Calvary Christian Academy
Apply now for 2022–23

Calvary Christian Academy

Welcome to Calvary Christian Academy, a Calvary ministry offering Christ-centered, relational education for children in kindergarten through seventh grade.

Calvary Christian Academy (CCA) builds upon the foundational work of Oaks Christian School, which was established in 2018 with a vision to educate children in the ways in which they were designed to learn.

CCA offers a hands-on, project-based curriculum rooted in biblical truth that aims to nurture academic excellence, social and emotional development, and spiritual growth.

What parents are saying about our school — 

“Its model of both academic excellence and cultivation of a heart for Jesus is unrivaled. Their hands-on, holistic approach to teaching not only results in learning milestones and excellent test scores but also instills a curiosity, resilience, and love of learning.”

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Find out more about our unique educational model or schedule a tour! Contact our admissions director, Mary Lenes, at admissions@calvarychristianacademy.com or call her at 980.242.9933It’s not too late to apply for the 2022–23 school year!