<p>Middle School Family Connection<br />
<em>Our Bible focus October 15&ndash;21</em></p>
Middle School Family Connection
Our Bible focus October 15–21

Middle School Family Connection

Family Connection is where we share the lesson summary that corresponds with our Middle School Ministry Wednesday night Bible teaching each week. Follow along at home for personal study and discussion time in your family devotions. We post a new lesson every Thursday.

Study focus for October 15–21
Scripture: Luke 22:14-23

Session Summary:

Jesus gave Himself in order to save us, so we observe the Lord’s Supper to remember what Jesus has done for us. The Passover reminded the Israelites of their liberation from Egyptian slavery. In the Lord’s Supper, we remember our liberation from spiritual slavery. The Passover recalled the Lord’s provision through the blood of lambs. In the Lord’s Supper, we remember the Lord’s provision through the Lamb of God. The Passover reminded the Israelites of their hardship in their exodus from Egypt through the unleavened bread. The Lord’s Supper teaches us that Jesus took the hardship of our salvation upon Himself as the bread broken for us.

Conversation Questions: 

  • Why do we partake of the Lord’s Supper in churches today?

  • Does this passage change the way we view and partake the Lord’s Supper? Why or why not?

  • What are other ways our family can remember and reflect on what Jesus has done for us?

  • How does knowing that Jesus died for us and freed us from spiritual slavery change the way we live for Him?

Family Challenge: Sit down as a family this week to read the story of Jesus’ crucifixion in Matthew 27 and discuss what happened to Jesus and why it matters. End the discussion by praying and giving thanks to God for sending His only Son to die for your sins. Let each family member pray quietly on their own or you can each pray out loud together.

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