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Romans Study Guide (Part Two): The Hope of the Gospel

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Romans: The Hope of the Gospel (Part Two / Chapters 5–8)

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Introduction and Overview of Chapters 5-8 by Pastor Munro

Review of Romans 1-4 by Pastor Munro

Week 1: The Hope of the Gospel
Week 2: Rejoicing in Suffering
Week 3: No Greater Love
Week 4: Adam and Christ
Week 5: Abounding Grace
Week 6: A Call to Holiness
Week 7: United in Christ
Week 8: Breaking the Sin Habit
Week 9: God's Slaves
Week 10: Free from the Law
Week 11: The Law and Sin
Week 12: The Struggle
Week 13: No Condemnation
Week 14: The Flesh and the Spirit
• Week 15: Sons of God
Week 16: Glory Through Suffering
Week 17: All Things for Good
Week 18: Four Impossibilities

Essay: Understanding Sanctification by Pastor Munro

Know It By Heart: Scripture Verses for Memory