<p>Marriage Conference<br />
&ldquo;Pursuing the Heart of Your Spouse&rdquo;<br />
Friday, March 6 |&nbsp;6&ndash;9 PM</p>
Marriage Conference
“Pursuing the Heart of Your Spouse”
Friday, March 6 | 6–9 PM

Pursuing the Heart of Your Spouse

Calvary Marriage Conference

Friday, March 6, 6:00–9:00 PM

Crown Room


Marriage isn’t just a happy ending. It’s the beginning of a lifelong pursuit of growing together in oneness. It’s a journey on which you get to know your spouse more deeply and grow more in love. This is a love that you commit to — enjoying intimacy together within a Christ-centered partnership rooted in God's Word.


What is the secret to achieving this lifelong love? 


Join us for “Pursuing the Heart of Your Spouse," a marriage conference hosted by Calvary Family Ministries. Senior Pastor John Munro will deliver the keynote message. Plus, we’ll enjoy two breakout sessions on a variety of topics related to "Talking with Your Spouse." Make it a date night!


Cost: $30 per couple

Includes dinner, childcare to 5th grade, and materials.

Online registration is now closed. If you're interested in attending the conference, please contact Sandy O'Donovan.

Questions? Contact: Pastor Rodney Navey, 704.341.5448, rnavey@calvarychurch.com & Sandy O'Donovan, 704.341.5323, sodonovan@calvarychurch.com