<p>Family Advent Guide<br />
Advent begins November 28<br />
<em>A holiday resource&nbsp;for all ages!</em></p>
Family Advent Guide
Advent begins November 28
A holiday resource for all ages!

Family Advent Guide

Advent begins Sunday, November 28

Hope, love, joy, and peace are good gifts God has given to us! During Advent, we celebrate Jesus coming to earth as a baby, making the way for these gifts to be experienced. Our prayer is that your family can use this guide to celebrate Jesus’ birth in a meaningful way.

Use the family devotions and activities below to guide your Family Night time through the month of December. Download the PDF guide below. It includes one lesson for each week of Advent, plus one for Christmas Day!

Start by opening your Bibles together as a family and reading the suggested verses. Then use the Explain section to lead your family to talk about the passages. Pray together as a family. If time allows, have each family member participate in the Family Activity, and then Sing a Christmas carol together. Use the Further Bible Reading verses for family Bible reading throughout the week.

Use these devotions, activities, and worship songs to help your family worship Jesus this Christmas. He is the gift we proclaim. Let’s celebrate!


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