<p>Leadership Election Results<br />
New Deacons Elected</p>
Leadership Election Results
New Deacons Elected

Calvary Leadership Election 2022

Thank you to everyone involved in the 2022 Leadership Election. We are grateful for all the nominees and their dedication to serving the Lord at Calvary. We appreciate the participation of our members in the election on Sunday, January 23. Scripture is clear that the Holy Spirit guides us in choosing elders and deacons for service (Acts 20:28). 

The congregation has elected the following new deacons — serving 3-year terms:

Fred Bridges
Jerry Byrum
Hector Castillo
Dave Clarke
Phil Comstock
David Dafoe
Tim Deacon
Craig Dougherty
David Ribar
Malcolm Weeks

See the complete list of our current Calvary elders HERE.

See the complete list of our current Calvary deacons HERE.