HOME Ministry

Calvary’s HOME Ministry seeks to obey God’s Word by ministering to fatherless, orphaned, and vulnerable children (James 1:27).
Our ministry focus areas are:
  • Awareness and training
  • Support of adoptive and fostering families
  • Direct support for children in need
  • Prayer

If you would like to help or are considering adopting or fostering a child, please contact our HOME coordinators.
Home Ministry: Hugh Grey, 704.619.8116, hgrey@bellsouth.net or Mike Malone, 574.607.1619, mmal1.ipad@gmail.com
For Adoption/Orphan Care: Kody Krady, 704.941.4974, kodykrady@gmail.com
For Foster Care: Jenna Mascia, 704.517.6606, jmascia@live.com