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"We strongly believe when the Bible speaks, God speaks."
At Calvary, we are committed to reading, studying, preaching, teaching, and obeying the inspired Word of God.
Presented by Senior Pastor John Munro, the exposition of Scripture is a foundational part of our worship. To allow for more comprehensive study and a deeper understanding, Pastor Munro often preaches in series form, allowing for an in-depth approach by book or topic.
From now through September 3, Pastor Munro will be preaching a four part mini-series called Back to the Basics, exploring the foundational themes of authentic Christianity.
Beginning September 10, he will begin a new in-depth series on the book of Romans on Sundays morning, in addition to beginning a second new series on Sunday evenings (to be announced soon!).
Watch or listen to Back to the Basics, Revelation and many other sermons and series by Pastor Munro here. CD sets are also available for purchase from our Word Room.

Join us this Sunday as we study God's Word!

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    Back to the Basics
    August 20 – September 3
    4-part mini-series from Pastor Munro

    Now through September 3, it's "Back to the Basics" with Pastor John Munro, as he focuses on four foundational themes of following Christ on Sunday mornings:

    • The Grace of God (replay)
    • The Word of God
    • The Peace of God
    • The Cross of Christ
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    Romans: The Heart of the Gospel
    Sundays, 9:45 AM
    Beginning September 10

    Romans: The Heart of the Gospel
    Sunday mornings at 9:45 AM, starting September 10

    "For I am not ashamed of the Gospel for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes" (Romans 1:16).

    Many people have a distorted view of "the Gospel.” What is the Gospel? How is it relevant? What difference (if any) does it make in our lives?

    The overwhelming theme of the book of Romans is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To study Romans is to learn the central doctrines of authentic Christianity and how to apply it to our lives in a practical way.

    Do you know the power of the Gospel?

    Beginning September 10, join us on Sundays at 9:45 AM for this powerful new message series by Pastor John H. Munro.

    Experience the power of the Gospel in your heart and life, and invite others to join us!

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    Welcome to the (new) Verdict
    Visit Pastor Munro's updated blog!

    “I give you this charge: Preach the Word” (2 Timothy 4:1-2).


    My calling and passion in life are to glorify God through the exposition of Holy Scripture. From the time God called me to pastoral ministry from practicing law, I knew I was going to serve as a local pastor and preach.


    I realize that many people like to hear inspirational speakers promising “the best life now” or offering pragmatic techniques to make life more comfortable. But I believe the Bible is the inspired, inerrant Word of God and therefore relevant and sufficient for every spiritual need. Why have an updated Verdict?

    With today’s technology, we have more opportunities than ever before to preach the Word and share the Gospel with an incredible reach. The new and updated Verdict (my blog at is offered as an online extension of ministry and an additional resource for those interested in or curious about the exposition of Scripture and commentary on contemporary issues based on biblical principles.


    Features and Opportunities to Share

    You’ll find it mobile-friendly; inclusive of videos and articles; and a resource easily searchable by keyword or category.


    Initial categories will include:

    • Following Jesus – living an authentic life for Jesus Christ
    • Contemporary Culture – the challenges of living in today’s world
    • God and His Word – remembering what the Bible says about our great God and His promises
    • Hope and Encouragement
    • Tough Questions
    • Focus topics
    • John’s Desk – personal observations and reflections

    How you can interact and participate:

    • Sign up to receive monthly summaries of new content
    • Share individual items with friends via email or social media
    • Comment to further discussion and discovery

    To God be the glory.


    Welcome (back) to the Verdict!