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    Philip & Hallie Allen
    Cru  |  Orlando, FL

    100 Lake Hart Dr
    Dept 4700, Orlando, FL 32832

    Philip and Hallie Allen serve at Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) world headquarters. Philip serves with The JESUS Film Project. God has used the JESUS film to touch the lives of millions of people around the globe who have seen the film in their own language. From villages to dense urban communities, people respond to JESUS because it is God's Word from the Gospel of Luke.

    Hallie serves in the US Office of Development. As an HR partner, she helps the staff on her team operate effectively in their ministry roles and develop as leaders. She also helps by coaching in ministry skills, team dynamics, ministry partner development and a wide variety of tasks. Phillip and Hallie have two children, Zachary and Marybeth.

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    Missionary of the Week
    Laura Armitage
    SIM  |  Niger

    Niamey, Niger

    Laura's decision to serve in a poor African country is a direct result of her decision at age 10 to surrender control of her life to Jesus. As she grew older and followed Jesus, He led her to interact with people of African descent — college classmates, friends, an African church in Chicago, and refugee English students. Through these relationships, she developed a love for the people on the African continent.

    As a result of this God-given love and her college ESL certification, the Lord led her to join SIM and serve as a TESOL teacher to university students in Niamey, Niger in West Africa. She teaches evening ESL classes 2–4 times a week and a women's cooking class at the student resource center.

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    John & Jennifer Balmer
    Training Pastors International  |  Lynchburg, VA

    5132 Wedgewood Rd, Lynchburg, VA 24503

    John and Jennifer Balmer serve at Training Pastors International (TPI). TPI is an interdenominational training ministry focused on training national pastors in Bible and theology, preaching, evangelism and discipleship, church planting, leadership development, pastoral ministries, and missionary outreach. This is accomplished by providing short-term (one week) pastoral training institutes for indigenous pastors, evangelists, and national missionaries.

    The mission strategy of TPI is to work with the national church of every country that the Lord opens up to accomplish the following three goals: The Gospel for every person; a church for every people group; and a trained pastoral leader for every church.

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    Doug & Nancy
    Ethnos 360  |  Southeast Asia


    Doug and Nancy continue to build a church planting team for the South Asia island region. At the same time, they are developing a leadership team to meet ongoing needs of the team in Indonesia. They continue to facilitate new partnerships with like-minded agencies and work with other church partnerships. Doug and Nancy are looking to survey new areas in the region as the Lord allows. 

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    James & Jennifer Bodolosky
    Child Evangelism Fellowship | Eagle River, Alaska

    10920 Corrie Way, Eagle River, AK 99577
    907.202.4428 (James) | 907.202.4429 (Jen)

    James and Jennifer and their family serve in a partnership with Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) in summer park ministry and with Good News clubs in elementary schools. Their goal is to love children and teens and to share with them the Good News and the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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    Brian & Yoko Broaddus
    PIONEERS  |  Japan

    2574-5 Kourauchi-machi, Kurume City, Fukuoka 839-0852

    Brian and Yoko met at Shimonoseki Christ Bible Church where they began full-time ministry in 1998 with PIONEERS. Brian and Yoko started an English language school for evangelism. Yoko led the church's children’s ministry and co-taught parenting classes. After ten years of ministry in Shimonoseki, the Broaddus family joined a new PIONEERS missionary team about two hours south of Yoko's hometown.

    Currently, they are missionary team leaders responsible for evangelism in Kurume City. They disciple members of Kurume Bible Church through teaching and preaching. They also assist teammates in mobilizing new missionaries to reach the 13 million (99.9% lost) in southern Japan. They have three daughters, Naomi, Sara, and Suzanna.

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    Greg & Tina Burt
    Ethnos 360 | Thailand

    Greg and Tina Burt serve with Ethnos 360 in Thailand. They have ministered there for seven years as church planters, evangelists, and language consultants.
    The Burt’s live in a farming village of about 800 people. The Thai Lue people have been traditionally resistant to any mention of Jesus or the Gospel. They are content with their system of Buddhism and ancestor worship, and take pride in increasing their position in the eyes of their neighbors.
    Greg and Tina have learned the language and have prepared many Bible lessons. They understand the cultural need to approach family or small groups first, rather than individuals, to avoid offending villagers. When a family group resists an evangelistic effort, it is then acceptable to approach individuals and for individuals to approach them. As a result, the Burt’s have begun making positive connections with members of the village enabling one-on-one evangelism to occur. Many seeds have been sown, and they are praying they will see more people turn to Christ upon their return to Thailand in June.
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    Daryl & Marlene Bussert
    Wycliffe Bible Translators  |  JAARS, Waxhaw, NC

    6013 Webster Way, Waxhaw, NC 28173

    Daryl serves as the SIL International/JAARS Director of Aviation Safety. Marlene works alongside Daryl in this role. The Aviation Safety Department works with pilots and mechanics and their families monitoring and promoting safety with encouragement, online training and audits of the program (evaluating teamwork, operations, facilities, practices, procedures and family needs). The Department was born 43 years ago with a desire to monitor and promote safety with each JAARS aviation department worldwide.

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    Grant & Regina Cail
    Project AmaZon  |  Brazil

    Rue Nakagima 33, Parque Dez , Manaus, AM CEP, 69054-679,

    Grant and Regina Cail are missionaries presently based in Manaus in the state of Amazonas, Brasil with Project AmaZon. Their current ministry role is to support the nationals in the area of missions and church planting.

    Grant is responsible for the Manaus-based Water Filter Project and helps provide transportation and logistics for bi-weekly mission trips to the interior and occasional health clinics. These projects are tools to enter communities/villages for evangelism and church planting, beginning with cell groups. Regina is currently teaching and discipling in cell groups and co-manages the church library.

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    Marilyn Cail
    SIM (Retired)  |  Waxhaw, NC

    6805 Misty Lane, Waxhaw, NC 28173

    In 1952, Jim and Marilyn Cail left New York harbor for their first assignment overseas. Over 50 years of ministry, they saw much of God's grace. They wrestled with the French language in Paris and welcomed the first of their six children. Later they learned the Batonou language in Benin, West Africa, and watched God begin to establish His church.

    As a widow in retirement, Marilyn is blessed to serve in ministry with their children who live nearby. Being a part of Calvary Church's prayer group on Wednesday evenings has become especially meaningful.

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    Julio & Olga Chiang
    South America Mission | Peru

    After ten years serving as missionaries and church planters in the Amazon area of Pucallpa, Julio and Olga were called to plant a new church and lead the Lima Initiative in the capital city of Peru.
    The Lima initiative is a movement for the social, cultural and spiritual transformation of the city of Lima. The Chiang’s hope to promote a Gospel ecosystem where churches, missions and different organizations work together to advance God’s Kingdom in Peru.
    “Iglesia de la ciudad” (IDL) is the first step towards this movement. Julio and Olga are pastoring and shaping this new church plant in cooperation with other missionaries and national leaders.
    Julio and Olga have three daughters: Camila, age 21, who just graduated from Taylor University with a bachelor’s degree in Developmental Economics; Miranda, age 17 and Natalia, age 15, who are still at home completing high school.
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    Tim & Bonnie Cook
    Africa Inland Mission | Denia, Spain


    Tim and Bonnie serve the church in Spain by discipling international volunteers and promoting missions. Bonnie is involved in teaching English and music in addition to serving in the prayer ministry at their church. Tim helps Africa Inland Mission achieve their goal of going to the unreached by providing children's educational and transitional support for parents who serve in remote and difficult locations.

    Tim and Bonnie have two daughters who were both born in Kenya, where they served for 31 years. Elisa is married to Ben Hooper, and they live in Cabot, Arkansas. Becca graduated from the Medical School at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN and is in residency at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

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    David & April Cousens
    Avant Ministries  |  Mali

    BP 7116, Sogonko, Bamako

    Both Dave and April grew up as missionary kids and graduated from Moody Bible Institute. Dave served their local church as a youth pastor until the Cousens joined Avant Ministries in July 2013. Since that time, they have completed field training and a 10-month intensive French language school. On July 31, 2015, Dave, April, and their four daughters arrived in Bamako, Mali in West Africa where they will plant churches and serve with university students.

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    Daniel & Stephanie Dias
    Ethnos 360  |  Burkina Faso


    Daniel and Stephanie Dias live alongside the Bolon people group in Bobo Dioulasso 01, Burkina Faso. Their ministry is planting churches from their village. They hope to begin learning the Bolon language in 2016 as the first step toward translating the New Testament into Bolon. Daniel and Stephanie have three sons.

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    Ron & Ruth Durie
    Wycliffe Bible Translators, JAARS (Retired)  |  Waxhaw, NC

    7715 Radin Road, Waxhaw, NC 28173

    Since 1970 Ron and Ruth Durie have been involved in the work of Bible translation—not as linguists or translators—but as supporters of those who do that life-changing work. Just as God was able to identify people with specific gifts for the work of building the tabernacle, He chose people with other skills to further the work of getting His Word to people around the globe.

    Ruth provides hospitality for visitors and missionaries at the JAARS Center and sings at various functions there. She also leads a ladies' ensemble that ministers in adult care facilities around Charlotte.

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    Tim & Bethany Ely
    United World Mission, Germany

    Im Elsteroth 10, 52639 Konigswinter
    +49 15168136827

    In January 2012, Tim and Bethany felt the Lord leading them to be intentional in their lives. As they looked for ways to be servants, they began to sense His urging to consider full-time missions. They heard of the great need in Europe--in many places like Germany, only 2% of the population are evangelical believers.

    Tim, Bethany, Graeme, Drew and Moira left in November 2014 for Bonn, Germany with United World Mission to serve as church planters. Working with local church partners, their desire is to see churches planted along the Rhine River and a vibrant body of believers growing in that area.

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    Jun & Amy Fabra
    Ethnos 360 │ Philippines


    Jun and Amy Fabra are Filipino missionaries who began ministry as church planters with Ethnos 360 among the Kankanaey tribes in Northern Luzon, Philippines in 1981. After 16 years as church planters, the Lord sent them to Ethnos 360 Headquarters in Manila. Jun became a member of the Board of Trustees, was later elected to the Executive Committee, and became the Church Planting Director, a position he still holds. Jun has served in Ethnos 360 leadership since 1997 with the assistance of his wife Amy. 
    Jun’s role as Church Planting Director is to oversee the church planting program, providing leadership and training for more than 80 national missionaries who serve in 19 different people groups. Jun and Amy provide Bible training for tribal pastors, missionaries and church leaders through the Missions Bible Institute program. The goal of the program is to equip church leaders and workers to be more effective in managing and planting churches. Today, they have over 200 trainees/students in 12 different people groups in Luzon, Palawan and Mindanao.  
    Jun also teaches at the Ethnos 360 School of Missions, the training arm of Ethnos 360. In addition, he does a radio broadcast that focuses on missions every Sunday evening. 
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    Bill Farmer
    SIM  |  Waxhaw, NC

    6604 Old Ridge Rd., Waxhaw, NC 28173

    Bill and Maggie Farmer started their missionary service in 1974 among the Navajo people in northern Arizona. Two years later, the Lord moved them to Northern British Columbia where they served among the Carrier Indians, who are linguistic cousins to the Navajos. Bill and Maggie were involved in church planting, field administration and managing a missionary training program.

    Several years ago Bill was diagnosed with asthma. When his breathing problems continued to worsen, the doctors advised him to move to a warmer climate. After making the difficult decision to leave British Columbia in 2002, the Lord led them to Charlotte, NC to serve with SIM Ethnic Focus Ministry. Maggie was called home to be with the Lord in October of 2015.

    Bill currently serves as the ESL Coordinator at Calvary Church.

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    Doug & Rachel Flaherty
    InterVarsity Christian Fellowship  |  Asheville, NC

    49 Nevada Ave., Asheville, NC 28806

    As the Area Director for Western North Carolina with InterVarsity, Doug oversees the establishment and advancement of ministries on college and university campuses. This mission is achieved primarily by shepherding and training the staff of existing chapters, such as UNC-Asheville, and searching out open doors on new campuses.

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    Tony & Leila Frank
    World Team  |  Brazil

    Rua Paraguai 526, Ivoti, RS

    Tony and Leila minister in southern Brazil. They are primarily involved in church planting, leadership training, and evangelism to university students. Leila translates material for a Brazilian Christian publisher. Please pray that they will continue to present and defend the Gospel with boldness, courage, and grace.

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    Kurt & Jenn Freeman
    Avant Ministries  |  Poland


    Kurt and Jenn Freeman joined Avant ministries in July of 2013 and first moved to Gdansk, Poland in the spring of 2014. They began working with the early development of a church plant started by their teammates. Gospel Church is now a growing and self-sustaining church.
    The Freemans will continue to serve as church planters with Avant, praying and working with Gospel Church to reproduce churches in neighboring districts and cities. Avant ministries specifically sets goals of short-cycle church planting and seeks to start churches that will be self-sustaining, self-governing and self-reproducing.