Men's Bible Studies

Small groups meet weekly for Bible study to enrich their faith and grow in fellowship. Bring your Bible — newcomers are welcome anytime!

Morning Studies

Monday Mornings, 6:30–7:30 AM

September 11 – November 20
Room 242  |  Dave Wentink

This ongoing study in the book of Ephesians teaches how to live a Spirit-filled life, discover how to overcome sin, integrate the Word into everyday life, be a better witness to others, and fulfill the plan God has designed for you!

Gospel of Luke
September 11 – November 20
Conference Room A (4th Floor)  |  Tom Miller
New study topic starts September 11! This verse-by-verse study will examine the Gospel of Luke. We will see vivid pictures of Jesus' love and compassion in the many lives He touches on His way to the cross. This in-depth study includes a weekly lesson and group discussion.

Tuesday Mornings, 6:30–7:30 AM

Gospel of John
September 5 – November 21
Room 306  |  Bill Harding
We all long for a full, rich, satisfying life. But how do we fill up the empty places in our soul? How can we quench our thirst for something deeper, more lasting, and more meaningful? John urges us to take a fresh look at Jesus and invites us to renew our faith in the One who promises to be the way of true life.

Detours Bible Study
September 5 – November 21

Stonecrest Chick-Fil-A  |  Jeffrey Arrington & Sy Pugh
Join us for this  powerful study by Tony Evans that examines the life of Joseph as he endures trials, injustice, and even betrayal. Believers will ultimately find comfort and encouragement as we learn to trust in God's redemptive plan and sovereign will. Newcomers welcome!

Evening Studies

Tuesdays, 7:00–8:30 PM

Romans: Our Cornerstone
September 5 – December 12
Room 401 | Wayne Hackbarth

New group topic starts September 5! Romans is Paul's guidebook to the Christian doctrine. It's a proclamation of God's glory and an encouragement to our faith. We are reminded of God's love for us and assured of His desire for a relationship with all believers. This book is rich in truths that help us live as authentic Christians. Join us for this conversational study! Bring your Bible and a hungry heart. Contact: Wayne Hackbarth, 704.641.3472,

Thursdays, 7:00–8:30 PM

Making Sense of Biblical Prophecy

September 7 – December 14
Room 241  |  Brian Cooper

In our continuing study of the Old Testament prophetic books, we will focus on Kings and Chronicles to better understand God's prophecies delivered through His spokesmen. These passages will reveal God's faithfulness, love, grace, and sovereignty. Sessions will include videos, helpful illustrations, and charts. Contact: Brian Cooper, 704.341.0647,

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