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Discover "The Verdict"
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Listen to Pastor Munro's 5/16 interview

How will you respond to God's Word?

Welcome to "The Verdict" with Pastor John Munro!

During our 25-minute radio broadcast, Pastor Munro invites you to participate in daily Bible study. He offers clear, insightful Bible teaching and will challenge you each for a personal response to the truth of God's Word: "What's your verdict?"

We love to hear from listeners! Email us today at theverdict@calvarychurch.com.

Current Teaching Series: These are difficult days. How are you handling the struggles of life? What does the Bible say? Pastor Munro is currently leading a study series called "With Wings Like Eagles: Soaring High in Life's Challenges." 

Free Study Guide: Scroll down to learn how you can receive a free copy of "Trusting God in Tough Times," Pastor Munro's new study guide.