<p>High School Family Connection<br />
<em>Our Bible focus October 22&ndash;28</em><br />
High School Family Connection
Our Bible focus October 22–28

High School Family Connection

Welcome families! This is where we share the lesson summary that corresponds with our High School Ministry Wednesday night Bible teaching each week. Follow along at home for personal study and discussion time with your family devotions. We post a new lesson every Thursday.

Study focus for October 22–28
Scripture: Mark 14:32–36, 43–49, 53, 60–64

Session Summary: 

Here in the garden of Gethsemane, we see the weight Jesus was carrying in the hours leading to His crucifixion. Jesus was facing more than just physical suffering and death on the cross. He was about to drink a “cup” that He did not want to drink. Though He asked for the cup to pass from Him, no alternative existed, so Jesus, the God-man, submitted to His Father’s will and resolved to obey His Father and to secure the salvation of sinners like you and me. Although Jesus was soon betrayed, arrested, and abandoned by the will of men, this was all a part of God’s sovereign plan for the salvation of sinners. Therefore, Jesus remained calm, in control, and confident in the Father as His world was turning against Him.

Conversation Questions: 

  • When has our family desperately prayed to God asking for Him to change our circumstances?

  • What does it look like for our family to submit to the will of our heavenly Father?

  • Why is God always worth obeying even if we don’t understand?

  • Who can we share God’s plan of salvation with this week?

Family Challenge: Pass a notecard to each member of your family. Ask each person to write down a prayer request on one side of the card that they want God to answer. On the other side of the card, instruct everyone to write Mark 14:36, “Not what I will, but what you will.” Pray over the cards as a family, then hang them somewhere for each of you to remember to submit your requests to the will of your heavenly Father.

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